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Affiliate Marketing 101 (For Complete Deadbeats)

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This Is the Deadbeat’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing 101!

So, you want to get started with affiliate marketing, yeah?

First, you have to know what affiliate marketing actually is.

Simply put:

You get paid a commission (a cut) by promoting or recommending products to other people. You don’t have to create the actual products. That’s essentially it.

(You’ll dive deep on what affiliate marketing is in the next chapter, but for now, this definition is good enough.)

See this? That’s what we’re talking about!

get started with affiliate marketing and potentially earn these kinds of commissions.

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only. Any actions you take are at your own risk. Your results will vary. The average affiliate marketer probably makes nothing.

Even Your Grandma Wants to Become a Marketer!

From the stay-at-home mom who seemingly effortlessly makes six figures a year while playing with her kids, all the way up to the professional bloggers with published books on Amazon and dozens of stage appearances a year — it seems everyone is doing it, right?
However, while it’s easy to grab $12 bucks and create your new website in under one hour, most beginners won’t make a single penny from it… even after a year of writing tons of stuff!
Everyone is lured by…

But there is definitely a right and wrong way to do it, and without proper guidance a beginner is likely to frustrate themselves into failure.

I don’t know about you but being stuck as an employee for life is not an option. If becoming an affiliate marketer is something you actually want to do, isn’t it worth it to figure out how to fit all the puzzle pieces together?

We’ll talk more about the highly effective money-making methods I used that quickly earned me the title of world’s laziest online super affiliate.

Before that, let’s explore how to do it correctly.

The Lazy Mindset for Commissions While You Slumber

Getting started with affiliate marketing is, in essence, a completely simple concept:

Find tons of products. Look for people who want them. Put them together and watch those Benjamins roll in!

Cool! So let’s fill up our new websites with tons of photos of the latest smartphones, laptops and LCD TV’s and cross our fingers that visitors will start clicking and buying. That’s how it works, right?


This is the wrong mindset. If you are thinking about your interests first and fantasizing that the whole process is a cakewalk of shoving advertisement in people’s faces, this is the exact opposite of what makes a successful website.

Think about the last time you wanted to buy something online. What process did you go through from start to finish?

You first find out about some cool gadget you want, for example, and then start Googling it online to learn about it. To see the different options. To read reviews and see which one is the best.

In other words, you don’t buy it unless you get some information first.

As the affiliate marketer, you exist to give internet users all the best info. Begin to embody this notion that you are a provider of content (whether you create the content yourself or outsource this).

Let Me Show You How Affiliate Marketing Is Done

Your website tells them the who, the what and the why. Then your visitor might decide to make a buying decision on the spot by clicking through one of your links. That’s how you get paid.

And the best part? Whether your content is an article on a website, a video on YouTube or an image floating around on social media, once you release it out into the world it begins to attract buyers with almost no more effort on your part!

You create it once and then never touch it again. All your effort is upfront. And when you put out more and more content, as you begin to get better at this, the income really stacks up.

The trick is learning how to send tons of traffic (aka, people) to view your content without spending any money on advertising and to let it flow continuously.

At some point, your income generation from the efforts outpace your cost of living, and you can then fire your boss and spend time however you want – like catching some ZzZzZz’s at home.

That’s how you make money the lazy way.

Lazy Defined

Now, this is also the perfect moment to say that it will take real work on your part. When I say “lazy”, what I mean is the end result will only require minimal hours to maintain.

You still have to have the discipline, perseverance and commitment to get to that level.

Of course, as a legal disclaimer, neither I nor anyone else can guarantee your success. But believe me, the affiliate lifestyle is worthwhile.

I teach people like you how to go from suits and commutes to affiliate marketing while you snooze. I wrote this 8-article series for those who are lazy and proud of it, and work smart instead of hard to achieve the freedom to take naps whenever you want, desire and deserve.

In fact, I started my very own deadbeat revolution. If you want to join, the link to my facebook group of over 2,000+ members is in the next chapter, where I dive deeper into the inner workings of the affiliate business. See you there…


The Beginning
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